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Sunday, 28 August 2011

zara make feels ur lower body the way it suppose to

gals if u looking out to buy some really uber cool stuff for your lower body then surely zara is the place to head to. zara's fitting is so damn hot and u'll loose inches in a minutes time. enough of my bla bla time to check out some pics

just a basic one

ooo soo different!!

my personal fav ... awesome color

for gals who want to make statement

check this one.......omph!!1

chinos hot fav this season

so girlies just treat urself and grab some for urself too.....


Saturday, 27 August 2011

lovy dovy gal's band

hi all u shopaholic gals out there this is my first blog. darlings the best fashion going is alice bands these look super chic and sexy
gals trust me they go with every outfit u have.
* accessorize *

** accessorize **
i bought one for myself too i just saw it at accessorize and just ant resist myself to buy this particular piece of cuteness personified.
the color is super duper fab. wearing them u feel like you are back in your kindergarten days and everybody will treat u like a princess